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All orders for new services are automatically provisioned by our system upon receipt of payment. We'll have your service online in no time.

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There are many ways to reach us:

◉ Discord through submit-ticket

◉ Sending an Email to [email protected]

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We use glass fibre-optic connections with 1000Mbit/s for a good internet connection.

NVMe SSD Storage

We use NVMe SSDs which are 7x faster than SSDs, which are 20x faster than HDDs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a wide range of products and services for you available, we know what we want and how to do it. We want to create a space for gamers to play with their friends and community. Our motto is the more the merrier! Who doesn't want that?
In most cases, you can remote into a VPS and use it as a normal computer, but just host files and such on it. For our game panel, you have no remote access. You manage your server via our Game Panel website. You can do things like edit files, restart your server, create backups, and so much more. To access files, we also offer FTP Access (Filezilla / WinSCP). Check out our free Demo Panel.
Yes, you can! Not only do we offer a free subdomain manager on our Game Panel, but you can also create your own custom Subdomain and make it point to your servers IP and Port. We recommend watching this Video to learn how to setup your own custom subdomain.
You can easily manage your server files on our game panel using our file manager. Do anything from upload, delete, or edit files. But as a suggestion we highly recommend using FTP (Filezilla / WinSCP) to upload files to your server.
We never recommend sharing an account with others. If you need to give someone access to your server, create a sub-user account for them on our game panel. You can easily give them access to whatever perms you wish, allowing a more secure environment for managing your game server together.


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